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Frequently asked questions

How can I add videos to scienceflicks?

There are 2 ways videos are collected on our website: Indivudual submissions and by our feed indexing system. If you want to add only a single, you can simply do so by clicking the 'add video' link on the upper right of the screen. Membership is required to add videos, click here to register (free).

If you know or operate a video podcast that might be of interest to science flicks, please contact us with the details, and we will see if it can be automatically included. It is also possible to process videos from specific youtube users.

What kind of video's can I add?

ScienceFlicks is intended for scientific videos only, mostly dealing with the natural sciences. We welcome videos explaining scientific concepts and theory, showing experiments, demonstrations and such.  

A video doesn't work, or is in the wrong category - how can i fix this?

You can use the 'report a problem' function a the bottom of the video page, only available to members at the moment.

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